Ayuh, gas is important…

As I sit here on the side of the interstate I think of how important gas is….. But…. If I could just grab some old leaves or weeds or brush or grass right off the side of the road and put it in the car to turn into gas that would be awesome and I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post.  However fantasy kicks in too just a bit….  Will some really hot guy or cute girl stop to help me and we end up falling in love at first sight (stop laughing it xould happen)…..  Will some jerk try to rob me… What would I do then? (I carry so God help the idiot who tries that)  Will I have to deal with a cop? Will it be the annoying self important cop?  Or the kind compassionate cop?  Well…. My friends who are so kindly bringing me some gas so I can finally get to work should be here soon…. Just remember that gas…. It’s really important….. And NEVER trust a gas gauge (as mine says I’ve still got a quarter tank)…


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