To grieve or not to grieve? That should not be a question.

Friday I lost a dear friend of mine.  She was very young and her loss was devastating to me.  She was a cow.


Pumpkin was my baby. I don’t know what happened that resulted in her death but I am grieving for her.
What annoys me to no end are those people who say ‘it was just a cow?’
‘just a cow!?’ puh-lease. If you lost your pet dog or cat you would grieve.  You would be angry if someone said ‘it was just a dog/cat’.
Don’t take my grief and belittle it just cause I am grieving over an animal. They deserve our grief as much as the lost of a person. It’s the loss of life we grieve.  Life is precious and each life lost is a tragedy.
RIP my beloved Pumpkin 2/10/13-7/19/13


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