“With her broken wing she carries her dreams. Man, you ought to see her fly.”

This is from the song “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. It is the inspiration for my dream. My dream like many dreams keeps changing and I hope improving.

It started with me going to college. I started the criminal justice associates program with the intention of becoming a forensic specialist. After a couple of Ecology classes I realized I am way too much of a farmer for that. So … what will I do with my degree….

Then it hit me. I’ll start a farm of my own. On this farm not only will we grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and animals but we will help out women in the community. Lots of women’s shelters will not allow pets and the farm would be an alternative.

But I also like working with and helping out juveniles (teenagers). So I decided I also want to work with the juvenile diversion program. Have the kids work the farm…planting and weeding and harvesting… They will perform the community service that is decreed by the court by doing work that will end up benefiting the community as this food the community will eat. Wholesome and healthy fresh grown foods. Maybe a few kids will find that farming is for them and end up being successful and responsible members of the community by being farmers.

BrokenWing Farm will be the place where people with broken wings go and learn to fly.



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