So You Hate Babies? Or Just This One

Everyone today has been talking about the Royal Baby (whose name at this time I still do not know). I have seen people all excited about it and people who are ticked off about all the people who are excited about it.

So I want to ask all those people (those who are annoyed with all the Royal Baby talk) have you never been excited about a baby? Be it yours, a friends, or a family member? And you have never talked about being excited about it?

If you have not then please feel free to complain…I will even try to commiserate with you (because honestly I am excited last Royal Baby I remember was Prince Harry and I was ridiculously young since I am only a few months older than William). Everyone else…..Let it go…. We had to listen to you blather on about the upcoming birth and then the birth so let those who are thrilled about this baby be excited and blather too.

I love babies…And I do not care what species they are. Babies are a continuation of life. A reminder that life goes on. Each birth and life is precious and should be celebrated….whether it is a prince or a lowly bug.

So here I say “Congratulations William and Kate. Enjoy him for all too soon your baby will be grown.”


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