The Adventures of Psycho the Calf

I was born out in a nice field on Sunday. The day was perfect. Mom cleaned me up and then I spent the day walking and sometimes running around the field with Mom and the other cows in the herd. Late in the day I saw a couple of monsters and I ran away… Mom followed. Early the next morning some more monsters came and chased me and Mom. They trapped Mom but I was really fast and was able to get away. Then…. One monster jumped on me… It terrified me…the monsters had me.  They dragged me up into this strange place and stuck me in a cage. Later in the day a big monster poked me with something really sharp…. I didn’t like that at all. When it was dark this terrifying noise started and I jumped out of the cage and went to look for Mom…. I went to the field but couldn’t find her. Late in the day I’m calling and calling for her when another monster finds me. I go running down to end of the field and hide. A little while later a monster that moved very fast and made a lot of noise came by but I stayed hidden. I’m still hiding hoping the monsters don’t find me.


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