The Adventures of Psycho the Calf: Caught

I had a pleasant night. Hung out with the older cows. Slept with them for the night. In the morning…once again a monster showed up… I tried to run away but got stuck between two bigger cows and (sigh) he caught me. Picked me up and carried me up and back into the cage. Put the big metal cage up again too. I can’t get out. 😦 Spent the day hanging out in the evil cage until another monster showed up. This one wasn’t too bad. She did put something on my face which I can not get off. Said something about wanting something to grab onto in case I escape again. She rubbed me, which felt nice, and gave me some nice warm milk, which was so yummy! I hope to be able to escape and find Mom soon. I am beginning to think though that this time I am stuck. 😦


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