Last Words

We all sometimes think of the last words we will say before we die. “I love you.” “keep my kids safe.” words we all wish to say. I don’t know what the last words were of the kid I knew (well I still think of him as a kid) before he died over the weekend. I know his last tweet was a reply to where he had been for the previous week. Minutes if not seconds later he is dead. Damn.

I did not know him well. I was in his oldest sisters class at the private school I attended from first to eleventh grade. I still grieve for him and his family. For the loss of life of both him, his wife and their unborn child. I grieve for the young child they left behind. Sure their time on earth was complete and they are with their maker in heaven and we should be glad of that, but they left a child behind who will never truly know his parents.

Grief is different for us all. I am in shock knowing that I knew this young man and he is now gone. His family has a long road of grieving and healing while mine will disappear faster because I did not know him as well as they did.

I wish all the families involved in this tragedy healing and comfort. If you need someone just to listen I am here.


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