What you call survival of fittest….I call murder

On the way home last night I get onto the road leading to the road I live on…It’s a dirt road…slightly more traveled than mine (being as that one is maintained by the town)…anyway….I’m driving and I see something in the road…so I slow down cause God only knows what it is…

Much to my dismay the thing in the road turned out to be a squashed garter snake…

After my feeling of grief for the poor snake…..I was angry….

If you live out in an area you know is populated with wildlife why would you…..

A) drive so fast you can’t avoid hitting the critter in the road


B) purposely run over the critter in the road

Going back to A) There is no reason to go that fast. Sure if you are in a hurry because of something important and it was an accident that I can totally understand…I’ve done it myself. As to B) If you feel you need to hit the critter in the road …. do everyone a favor and move back to the city….you are obviously ill equipped to deal with rural living.

Today, I saw a medium sized snapping turtle getting ready to cross the road…I could have kept going but all I could picture was coming back home and finding bits of the poor girl in the road…So risking life and limb (more limb than life) I helped get the turtle across the road.

People drive so fast going from here to there they miss the beauty of the wildlife and nature around them… so slow down people and keep an eye out….leave a little earlier….so you can see the beauty that is out there in the world….

Just because we are humans and as such are the “top” of the food chain…. doesn’t give us the right to kill every animal we see. You may think “oh well I’m bigger and survival of the fittest and all….” well I say “MURDERER” (only if it is done on purpose…I know there are things in the world called accidents)


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