An Open Letter to a Little Chick

Dear Little Chick,

I never had the chance to give you a name. I am terribly sorry for that. I hope that now you are in a better place and more comfortable than you were for the short time you were with me here on Earth.

I am sorry I had to hurt you a little more so you could go to that better place. It hurt me terribly to make you suffer knowing that in the end you would suffer less. 

These days people look at what I did and say “Murderer”…Yeah, I feel that way right now too. I know that God made us humans the caretakers of this world, and so as a caretaker it was my responsibility to take care of you. But you were so obviously struggling. You struggled to walk and you struggled to breathe. And I felt helpless as there was nothing I could do to improve this situation but end your suffering as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Please forgive me for that.

I hope that in the place you are now life is full of happiness and you are able to walk and breathe effortlessly. That your life is now full of sunshine, worms, and plenty of bugs to eat.

When I arrive I hope you will come up to me and let me know its you so I can pick you up and give you a big hug.

My grief over your loss will follow me for quite sometime but know this I will always remember you and the short time we had.

Be well and at peace, little chick.

Your friend,





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