My Sister, The Grammar Nazi

Here I am writing a blog…. When I have my sister, the grammar nazi, who constantly rags on me about my grammar and spelling….
Isn’t that hysterical?
Well, I think it is.
I can no longer write things without thinking…. ‘Did my sister ever tell me I had this wrong?’
In fact I just recently had to edit a comment because after I posted I realized instead of putting ‘you’re’ I put ‘your’  now so…. What difference does it make you say?
To my sister anyway and other grammar nazis like her it does given the context….
In this instance I typed ‘your welcome’  the welcome does not belong to you…. So properly and grammatically correct it is ‘you’re welcome’ the contraction ‘you are’  makes much more sense doesn’t it.
Gosh, sis you should be proud of me…. I have learned a little… Though I am sure you’d find something in here or another of my posts to give me crap about….
It’s okay I still love you and hey you help me write better…..


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