“Don’t sidestep suffering. You have to go through it to get where you’re going.” -Katherine Anne Porter (Writer)

 Suffering sucks. Everyone has gone through it at one point in time or another.

Remember though….Through every sucky time there is a good time waiting around the corner..

I know so many times things have gone wrong… My car broke, I have no money, My cat is sick, My kids are complaining there isn’t enough food in the house…

But eventually life balances itself out and things are better…

I look forward to those times… because then I can relax…just for a bit… at least until the next crisis period… and guess what….I will get through that one too….

If I can do it then so can you…. I have enough faith in you, my reader, that you can do it…

Don’t worry there are many people out there going through maybe not exactly the same but similar issues and they will get through it too.

“Don’t sidestep…


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