Chasing Fire

This is not what you think from reading the title.  🙂

Sunday I showed up at work a little early. As I pulled into my parking spot I noticed what appeared to be a calf out in the feild….

Now this happens but what was unusual was
A) it didn’t appear to move
B)  mom was no where in sight

‘crap’ I thought.  ‘we got a dead baby and I have to figure out who mom is’

So, I changed into my work clothes and headed out into the pasture to investigate the body and see if I can find mom.

Well can you imagine my surprise when I got close the calf got up and started running!

Oh boy!  Now I got to chase it and catch it.  I am so naming it Chase.

I finally after running around the feild for a few managed to tackle the caLf and had HER pinned underneath me…

Uh oh….  She’s thrashing around and I can’t carry her by myself…..

Time to call the boss…

As I am waiting for him to show up and help…  A cow comes over… Moo’s at me and stares for a bit.

‘Is it your baby, Allfire?’


‘oh well she’s mine now’

‘moo’ and the she walks off.


Well as Allfire did indeed turn out to be the mom Chase became Chasefire.  As all members of her family have been named that way…. Spitfire, Miss Fire, and Wildfire are her aunts and uncle respectively….

So there is my story about chasing fire….

I hope to not do it again anytime soon…. It’s very tiring.


2 thoughts on “Chasing Fire

  1. That was a fun read! I don’t think I could have tackled one down.

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