I am not Perfect and Neither are You.

It drives me absolutely crazy when a person gets judged over things in their life.

So what? You make more money.

So what? Due to your job you have a whole extra day to spend with your family.

That doesn’t make you better than I.

Everyone has to work with what they have… Sure wanting more is not a bad thing… (it is when you want everything)

Wanting things to be better isn’t a bad thing either.

But how dare you judge someone and make opinions and thoughts on their life and how they live it when you aren’t even seeing the issues in your life.

And forget even listening when someone tries to point out your faults and failures.

I apologize for the rant.  This country has so many people struggling day to day and it just infuriates me when someone in a loftier position looks down on those people and thinks ‘TRASH. Those people are why the world is such a terrible place right now. And their kids god they are going to turn out just as bad.’

Ugh!  They don’t know that.  Last I checked these people aren’t God.

So think kindly of your fellow person… You don’t know how much worse their life could be and you don’t know how much worse than theirs yours could get if life decides to take a turn.

Have a good day, all.


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