Milking the Cow: Day 3

And here’s another blog post about milking cows

The Ozark House

Day 3 – Aug. 16, 2013

There will obviously come a time—hopefully soon—when the morning milkings will, by and large, be uneventful. At that point, I’ll quit regularly blogging about them. But that time is not yet, and while we’re riding this sharp learning curve, I’m going to milk this blog series for all it’s worth. Yes, a pun.

Today’s theme: Getting Help From Sassy

Gerty and Sassafrass

Sassafras is Gerty’s calf. She was born on July 17, 2013, and she is something like 1/4 holstein, 1/4 jersey, 1/4 angus, and 1/4 charolais. Truly a product of a globalized world.

As I noted yesterday, Sassy can put her head between the slats of the milking stall and suckle one (or more) of Gerty’s quarters while I milk another. She makes an absolutely slobbery, frothy mess, though since she hasn’t had any milk for 12 hours, who can blame her? (She is nibbling on…

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