Times are tough

I have to find a new job. 
This means change and I don’t like change.
I love the job I have now.
But I have to leave…
Why.. When you love your job?
Because times are tough.

The kind of dairy farming my bosses family has done for years is getting too hard and too expensive to do.  When old farmers refuse to change and try something new and different…. Times get tough.

In all things if you don’t progress forward… You fall behind… 

Progression means different things to different people…

The kind of progression I am talking about is when you change how something is done to improve it and make it better.
When the way you do something starts to cause more work, time, money, and grief… That is the time to think it over and come up with a new plan. 

Remember times are tough and if you refuse to make changes…. They will stay that way.


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