Eavesdropping No Longer Happens Under the Eaves

In this day and age of technology you no longer need to hide under the eaves to eavesdrop….Simply look over someone’s shoulder at a text message.

I often wonder sometimes hanging out with my friends who are texting other friends who are not there at the moment if they are talking about me.

Sure it might be paranoia but don’t we all at some point wonder if we are being talked about?

However I can hold my curiosity and not go so far as to peer over and check out their text messages.

First off, you might learn something about yourself you wish you didn’t know.

That is an unfortunate thing about eavesdropping…you might learn something you wish you did not know.

Secondly, you might read something that to you is embarrassing because you do not know the context of the discussion.. I’ve heard this before and I feel it fits here “This is an A and B conversation so C yourself out of it.” If you were to be part of the discussion the people involved would have invited you into it.

Thirdly,  You might learn something about someone else you wish you now did not know.

Sometimes people aren’t talking about you they are talking about someone else…and you might learn rumor, gossip, or even truth you didn’t want to know about.


So, taking all that into consideration……





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