Bovine trickery

I love reading this bloggers escapades with their cow and calf.

The Ozark House

Milk production’s been down the last few days.

We were getting more than a gallon on our best day; today, it was less than half a gallon.

I’ve been at a loss. She has plenty of hay and a little bit of pasture. She gets grain to supplement what she might be missing on pasture. She has plenty of water. What gives?

Answer: Sassafras. Or more accurately, “Gerty gives to Sassafras.”

After frustratingly tugging on Gerty’s teats for 20 minutes or so this morning, I looked at the dismal puddle of milk in my 10-quart bucket and sighed in resignation. “It’s just not our day,” I thought. The only thing pleasant about this morning’s milking was the weather: just cool enough where the immense humidity wasn’t uncomfortable.

Then I wondered.

If she’s giving me this much, where’s all the rest going? I mean, I got just over a quart today…

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2 thoughts on “Bovine trickery

  1. Haha, thanks for reading and reblogging! It’s always an adventure with cows, I’ve discovered! 🙂

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