Does Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?

Having an uncommon name has its benefits and its downfalls. I have an unusual name. It seems to be slightly more common to find now than in my youth but still it is different enough that once said it is remembered.

I like my name. I don’t use it here but it means “Aunt” and as I have numerous (I lost count some years ago) nieces and nephews I think it suit me.

My daughter I named after the half-human daughter of the Fairy Queen in one of my favorite books. After months of searching I finally learned it means “God is gracious” in Old Welch. (Some days I wonder how gracious He was gifting me with that terror lol)

I enjoy unique names. With the number of cows I name in a year I can sometimes get creative with names. We had a cow one year born on Thanksgiving. I named her Pilgrim. I thought that made sense. My boss and his son asked me why I didn’t name her Turkey or Pumpkin Pie, respectively. Well, okay…. Her son got named Turkey. ( I even eartagged him with an ear tag that said Turkey, I would have loved to see the peoples faces at the auction when he finally went) Her daughter Apple Pie, and her Granddaughter is A la Mode. 🙂 See… I can be creative. LOL.

We once had a cow named Dammit. Oh, Yes. That was her name. We had had SIXTEEN babies born in the prior SIXTEEN days so, when I came in and found yet another baby on day 17 my response was “DAMMIT, not ANOTHER one.” Well, that became her name.

All of Roxy’s babies and grandbabies were named with Fire names… If fire wasn’t in the name it was the meaning of the name… There were Spitfire (the one who started it all 🙂 she was out and running around after she was born faster than you can spit lol), her son was Flame, Allfire (I had a name all the heifers with an A that year), her son Aiden (Irish for fire) and her daughter Chasefire (chased her around the field she was born in hence that name I wrote about her in Chasing Fire), Miss Fire, and Roxy’s only son, Wildfire.

Names are fun.

Do you have any interesting names to share? A pet, a child, your own? I would love to hear about them. You never know I might borrow it to name one of the cows. 🙂


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