Open Letter To An Opposite Gender ‘Friend’

Dear Friend,
We aren’t officially friends yet, thought you do know me. I hope we can be friends. It’s mortifying that I can hold entire conversations with you in my mind but, the second I am in front of you trying to have a similar discussion but with you actually voicing your opinion and not one of the numerous and various ones I come up with…. I stammer, I stutter, and I sound like an idiot.
My biggest fear is that because you are of a different gender than I, that you will believe that my motivation is not what I claim it to be. I wish I could think of a way that I know would make you believe.
I wish I could tell you that even if you don’t want to be my friend I will still be yours if and whenever you need it.
I wish I was more confident with myself that I could voice these thoughts to you. All I can be is myself.
I’m here now and always.
Your friend even though you don’t know it,


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