I’m tired.
Tired of everything going wrong.
Tired of never being right.
Tired of not being perfect.
Tired of hiding out of sight.
Tired of being bad.
Tired of trying to be good.
Tired of trying to be
The best parent I could.
Tired of always working.
Tired of being awake.
I’m so tired…
Can’t I breathe for heavens sake?
Tired of all the names.
Tired of all the gossip.
Tired of always crying
And left with a hiccup.
Tired of being alone.
Tired of holding it all.
For I think without me,
The whole world is going to fall.
I’m tired of giving up.
I’m tired of letting go.
I’m tired of being weak.
I’m tired of being sad. So,
Tonight I’m going to sleep,
And tomorrow start anew.
And hope to change to
Being happy instead of blue.


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