It sucks these days to watch things get worse and worse. The worse it gets the harder it is to hope for something to start changing for the better.
The thing that most definitely sucks the most is that it seems that the only way to make things better is money.
Why is it that to change the way you do something you have to spend more money?  Why can’t you start doing that thing that would use less money and make more without spending a lot of money? Who decided this is the way things have to be?
You want my guess?………
Rich people.
I have a major dislike of people with a lot of money. Sure it stems from my lack of it… But I see time and time again people with money doing the strangest things with it… Like who needs a bowling alley in your house?
There are so many people in this world… All over… Who work hard and take pride in what they do only to end up broke… Who helps them? Certainly not the rich people and certainly not the government…
No…. The people who are kind enough and thoughtful enough to care about their fellow man are the other hard working poor people. But they can’t help… They are in the same situation.

So in my opinion… Rich people…. Spread the wealth, dammit. And stop being greedy, dammit. Stop raising the prices of the stuff you sell, dammit. And you poor people who sit around all day working the system… Get a job, dammit. Yeah I know that there are people who are too sick to work… And there are people with mental disabilities who truly can’t work… I get there are exceptions but people… There are too many exceptions now, dammit!


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