Open Letter To Shooters and Potential Shooters

Dear Shooter and Potential Shooter,

You are a moron and I am NOT impressed with you. You make my life a misery. Want to know how? No? Well, I don’t care just like you didn’t care when you did what you did and/or like you won’t in the future if you do what you plan to do.

You fill up my Twitter feed. ,I today, with the Navy Shipyard shooting in Washington, DC, received over 600 text messages from Twitter and a good 99% of those was about the shooting. This happened for Newtown and the Boston Marathon bombings as well.

You fill up my Facebook feed, my television, my radio, etc. It is really obnoxious when I want to know about what is going on in my friends and family’s lives instead of the horror and fear of what you did/intend on doing.

You hurt and/or kill innocent people. What the hell did they do to you? Nothing? If they did do something did you even try to talk about it with them? Someone? Anyone? I am sure someone would have listened and tried to assist you with your issue.

Some of those people are friends of friends of mine or my family…some even friends of mine or my family’s….so you cause me misery even though you did not or will not directly cause me harm.

After these events, I hear so many people all up at arms with the gun control crap. No one has a reasonable answer as to how to keep guns out of the hands of you morons only to make life more difficult for people, like me, who would have shot you with the gun they carry to keep you from being a moron and hurting/killing others.

So to you, Shooter, may you rot with the worms, you lowlife insignificant prick.

To you, Potential Shooter, think carefully, talk about it with someone. Hopefully, your issues can be solved.


Annoyed Citizen


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