I’m going to spend a second promoting this new band that I like. They are called R5 and I just got their first album a week ago.


Me, all excited I got it. Lol.

I’ve been following this group for awhile now and have enjoyed the music they make. It’s happy and upbeat, which is how I like my music no matter what genre.

They are young. The oldest being precisely 9 years and 362 days younger than I.  The youngest in the group is 17.

However they have a great sound together. I would love to hear more from the only female in the group.  She has one song on the album where she’s the lead singer. The rest of the songs are dominated by the boys in the group.

Anyhow I love hearing friends suggest new music to listen to (even if it isn’t precisely new but is new to me), so now I’m sharing one with you.

Feel free to comment a band and song you like, I would love to hear about them.


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