Cow Rant

Earlier today I had a conversation with the guy who brings my boss’s cows to the beef auction. He asked me why I don’t dehorn the cows. So I responded that my boss will not allow me to use the dehorner on the calves. (Okay, so I really don’t want to…I highly dislike the idea of burning the calves heads just so their horns won’t grow, in fact there is now a more humane way to do this, it is a shot but I digress) His reason is that if I get burned it could be a liability. Eh, whatever I used to work with ovens. I KNOW how to deal with a burn. But anyway…I don’t do it.

So the guy tells me that the horns bring down the cows value……WHAT!? That is the Most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard. Why does their having horns bring down their value? I can not say I know nor do I understand.

So a cow has horns. I feel that for the most part the large and GENTLE (yes, gentle) bovines do not use their horns and should be allowed to keep them. I have no fear at all of a cow with horns.


For example here is me and Mini Mouse….See how worried I am being right there face to face with her right next to those HORNS!

I will admit to have a bit of prejudice bulls should not have horns as they are notorious for their quick changing temperament. Yes, I will stand in front of a charging bull with horns but I guarantee that my heart will be pounding a whole lot faster than if he didn’t have horns.

Here’s a cow who at the time this picture was taken had horns… One day she was caught trying to beat the crap out of a heifer so….

Here she is without her horns and I rarely see her being mean now. I think some cows need that lesson, others just are naturally easy going and leave the other cows alone… Why should they have to be dehorned just because a few other cows abuse the privilege of having horns.

See they naturally have horns. It’s for defense. But I feel they can be taught that other cows and people aren’t who they need to defend themselves against.

I just don’t agree with cutting off horns unless there is a need for it.


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