Dear Plutus

Dear Plutus,
Oh great Greek God of wealth why have you abandoned us? We, the poor hardworking people? Why do you only gift the already rich? Why do you allow this country to daily become poorer and poorer just to help those who already have received your bounty many times over?
What have we done to deserve this, oh mighty God? What do you require to send your fruits of dollars and coins our way?
If this is the kind of God you, you should be overthrown by the gods of hardwork, justice, and rewards. So that the three gods can work together to bring rewards and justice to those who earn it and deserve it.
The god of justice will make certain that the wealth of the world is spread around evenly by the god of rewards, while the god of hardwork will let justice and rewards know who has worked to earn a little extra.
Be gone then, oh evil god of wealth, Plutus, and plague us not with these injustices anymore.


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