Weighing Mini Mouse

Mini Mouse weighs about 775 lbs.

How do I know this?
Well I weighed her of course.

Are you thinking how do you weigh a cow? 

There are scales made for large animals. Sadly, I don’t have one and certainly can’t afford one. (one of the many things on my wish list)

Okay, if you don’t have a scale how do you weigh a cow?

That is actually pretty cool.

I use this:

Is that a tape measure?

Yes, it is. The Dairy & Animal Science Department of the Pennsylvania State University developed this tape measure after observing thousands of Holstein dairy cows aged 1 month to 2 years (got that information right off the tape measure).

So you measure the heart girth. That’s the section right behind the cows front legs and around. Mini Mouse shows you here with the tape measure.

Then you pull it tight. There are measurements on the tape measure as well as various places that give weight.

That’s how I weighed Mini Mouse. Now if I can just get my boss to say how much he wants for her we can progress with the ‘Saving Mini Mouse’ program.


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