Dear Spitfire

Dear Spitfire,
It’s been a year since the tragedy that resulted in your loss. I still miss you and think of you almost daily. The pain and grief is still there.
Things at the farm are not good. More and more cows leave and all too soon I will too. The doors will close and all that will be left are memories.
We had some good memories.. Didn’t we?
I remember how the day you were born you were ready to take on the world. God you were a little spitfire. That’s how you got your name. You were so small.


I remember how each day you would follow me around while I fed the other calves. No calf has done that like you did.
I remember Rocky saying that he didn’t know if you’d make it and my shock at his comment because of your daily meanderings with me. You never looked sick to me. Sure you got diarrhea a couple of times but nothing major.
I remember visiting you in the heifer barn. Thrilled that you would still run to see me and be patted.
I remember visiting you in the pasture and watching you grow fat with your first and sadly only baby.


I remember the worry about your delivery. The joy at meeting your son, Flame. (had to stick with the theme right?)
I remember the sadness and loss when Flame got sick and died.


I remember the fun of going to work knowing that you were waiting to see me.

I remember how kind and gentle you were allowing me to sit on your back.

And I remember the day you were injured.. Walking into the barn seeing all the blood… Checking to see who was hurt and the fear when I saw it was you. I would have done anything to save you.
The fact that I couldn’t still hurts.
I hope you’re happy and safe where you are.
I miss you and love you, friend of my heart.
Lots of love,


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