Opinions on My Poetry

I ran across an old poem I wrote after crashing and rolling my car. It was short and written many years ago. It goes like this:

The Accident

I drive,
Down the road,
A car comes.
I swerve. 
The car slides,
Then rolls.
I am afraid.
Things are ok.
Life goes on.


Now I posted this on Poetry.com because I like how they have people comment on what they think of my poetry. Now some hate, some like it, and some are indifferent. That is fine.  I can handle that.

What I can not stand and it annoyed me to no end… was the guy who posted this as a comment to this poem.


“Next time park the car and write the poem.

Nothing happened.”



You were there!? You saw what happened!?

How after reading that can you come to that conclusion? I certainly don’t see it. Though I admit I probably can’t as I wrote it and know how I felt and what I thought way more that the jackeen that made that comment.

I swerved to avoid hitting this idiot driving down the middle of a narrow dirt road. I did not want to hit him even though he was driving too fast and in the middle of the road because I did notice the CAR SEAT in the car. I could not in good conscience let the young child get injured. The car slid sideways onto an embankment and then slowly (appeared that way to me) rolled over ending up on its roof.

I had nightmares about it for weeks afterwards and still can not get into a certain angle in a car without panicking.

But…. other than the totaled car I walked away with little injury and I can be grateful for that. Things were okay and my life went on. I still drive even past the spot daily where I rolled the car.

UGH! I am MAD at this dude. So tell me…please….. what do you think?



2 thoughts on “Opinions on My Poetry

  1. I like it – I understood that something indeed happened – the roll would probably have given me a heart attack – my advice is don’t let comments bother you

    • cowcrzy says:

      Thank you. On your advice. I try. Sometimes it is hard. 😉 I will try harder. I think I replied to him and told him if he couldn’t read the poem properly he might want to reconsider reading poetry. I was mad. lol.

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