Break is Now Over

So I took a break last week. My job working at the dairy farm, which I loved, is over and done. Time to move on.

I spent the last week cleaning my house, reading books, watching movies, spending time with my kids, little bit of writing (okay I wrote a children’s Christmas story, looked into publishing it…OH MY GOD, I have no idea.), and looked for a job. I still haven’t found one. Been filling out applications and bringing them in. So far…NOTHING.

Well, I am done hiding. I am going to get back out and on with my life. So my break is over. Keep doing what I am doing (add in online schoolwork) and move on. Not having any money sucks. (I thought things were bad before. LOL) I have bills coming up in a few days and don’t know what to do about those but hopefully (always have that hope) something will happen so I can pay them.

In other news, My birthday is in 6 days. Good news? I don’t know. Birthdays suck. (That’s my opinion don’t read anything into it.) I am going to go visit a friend a day or two after my birthday so that is something to look forward to.

Well, I just needed to write. Get stuff out. Short and sweet huh? 🙂 I am alive and well for all those readers who want to know.

Smile and do something crazy today. I think I will. Give me something to tell you guys about.

Have a great day.



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