I don’t agree with your parenting choices. Now let me explain how you should raise your own children.

I don't agree with your parenting choices. Now let me explain how you should raise your own children..

Wow. Some of the things he said I never thought about before, it made me think and go…Yeah, He’s right. I know I deal with quite often people telling me just how terrible a parent I am because….
I am not a perfect parent, but I also do not believe I am a terrible parent. I just prefer to parent my children in the same way I do everything in my life….Just a tad off the straight path and little bit crazily.

I remember this one time I was at my mother’s with the kids for Christmas. She asked me if my daughter wanted a fork or spoon to eat with (I think she was 2 or 3 at the time). Well, I turned and asked my daughter, “Do you want a fork or spoon?” My mother then tells me that I HAVE to tell her what she wants. No, I do not. It is an eating utensil and what we are eating it doesn’t much matter which utensil she uses and in this case she can make her own choice. If the choice was different for instance, we were having soup I would have said spoon with no hesitance or asking my daughter. There are things that she can make decisions on even at her young age and I want her to be able to make her own choices. Sure being a parent there are times where I will not allow her to have a choice. You may not touch the hot stove or stick your finger in the electric outlet or my glass collection. I think even at a young age children should be allowed to make decisions on certain things. I know it annoyed the crap out of me at a young age being forced into certain circumstances. Sure those circumstances made me who I am today but I resented them.
I decided as a teenager I no longer wished to attend the court-ordered private school I was attending. Yes, it was court-ordered. During my parents divorce my mother (I am talking about her a lot today huh lol) decided to take me from the school I was comfortable with and move me across state (pretty much) to a public school. I threw a fit and told my dad who had me talk to the guardian ad litem (kid’s attorney back in the day). My guardian ad litem told the court that school was the one stable thing I had (and my little sister) and so the court decreed that we stay there unless my parents could agree. Can they? That is a big resounding NO! We ended up going back to court and my sister and I got to talk to the judge and explain to her why we wanted to change schools. Why did we do this? My mother (there she is again) decided that dad was brainwashing us because he did not want to pay the tuition at the private school anymore. Yeah he probably didn’t but my sister and I were the ones who came up with the reasons which had she listened would have made sense that they came from us and not dad. I am glad dad let me think for myself.
Anyway, I am rambling but it’s my blog I’ll talk about what I want. LOL.
Matt’s blog post was really good so if you are interested after reading this long ramble of mine go check it out.


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