FInding a Job is A PAIN

I have been searching for months for a job. Since before I lost my last job, since I wanted to keep working. Now here I am no job and a week behind on a bill. (A rather important bill since it is for the laptop I currently use for my schoolwork, yeah I blog with it too.) Anyway….There is NOTHING out there for someone like me apparently…. I am a dairy farmer. I work with animals. I don’t care what kinds as I like them all. But I can’t freaking find work.

So I broaden my horizons. I have been looking…EVERYWHERE. I’ve filled out and turned in applications at so many places but so far NOTHING. This is tiring. I know I have applied at jobs I do not want to do  but I need the money to pay my bills, to feed my kids, and to feed my animals (who next year should start earning me money but for now I am struggling). UGH!

 Why do I keep hearing how the economy is getting better and unemployment is down when….HELLO! I CAN NOT FIND A JOB!

UGH! Yeah I am annoyed.

It is frustrating. Do I sound cocky like I am good and I know it? Or does that seem overbearing? How do you sound like the best choice without overdoing it? I have not had to look for a job for EIGHT YEARS! WTH!

OH well. back to the drawing board. hunting for more places to apply to.

Hope you are having a good day.



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