When is a Face to Face Meeting Necessary

There are times when an occurrence happens that requires a face to face meeting to discuss it. I feel that some things don’t require a face to face meeting and I will try to explain the difference.
I believe that a face to face meeting is required for events like a parent marrying. The last thing one should do is inform their child over the phone. Another thing that requires a face to face conversation would be when someone is murdered or killed in an accident. It would not be acceptable for the police to give a phone call to the surviving relatives .
Jobs are another thing that needs a face to face meeting. You can’t be sure that the person you wish to hire is the right one without meeting them. Nor can you be certain that the company you want to hire you is the right one for you without meeting them.
There are other things like deaths, births, marriage of childless people, and finding long-lost relatives that sure if possible should be done face to face but, if the person needing to be informed lives a good distance away then by all means call them. It would not do for the distance to delay the conversation which could cause anmity between the person informing and the person being informed.
This is how I feel. Feel free to let me know if you feel differently. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the matter.


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