Dear Mother, I have feelings

Dear Mother,
I have feelings. They are my feelings. I don’t care if you disagree with my feelings… You are more than welcome to feel that way. However, they are still my feelings. You can not change the fact that my feelings are my own.
If I tell you that I feel you could have done things differently, don’t get all pissed off at me. Take the time to listen to why I feel that way. This might help you understand me better.
Also, don’t take my thoughts or feelings and because you disagree with them tell me that someone else is convincing me to think or feel this way. Once again, if you listen to my reasoning you might understand me better and you will also realize that these are my thoughts and feelings and no one else’s. I could almost understand you thinking that when I was a child (as most children are impressionable) but I am an adult now.
I just wish sometimes that you would listen and understand how I feel. I hate trying to explain and ending up in a fight because I want to express myself. You are my mother. I know that I can be confusing but I wish you would take a little more time to get to know and understand me so I’m not as confusing to you.
You are my mother. I love you unconditionally but, like most parents do to their children, you exasperate me too.
I know my own daughter is confusing to me. However I know what she likes and what she enjoys and why  even if I, myself, don’t understand it. I know I’m not a perfect parent but I know if my children come to me with their feelings that I will listen. I hope someday you will too.


3 thoughts on “Dear Mother, I have feelings

  1. Mrs Finkling says:

    i hear you loud and clear – super post…

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