I write, You write, We all write differently

I follow this blog called Harsh Reality by Opinionated Man. I really enjoy reading his blog. Lately I’ve seen him rant about how people ‘talk’ to him on his blog.
Today’s post ‘Being Compared to Hitler’ was him saying ‘F. U.’  to all those who don’t like the way he writes.
I have something to say about it too.
While I enjoy reading what he writes I don’t always agree with him. That’s okay. One example I can think of, which I have enjoyed teasing him about is his (in my opinion) unfortunate choices in football teams (he’s a Broncos fan, I prefer the Patriots). So I give him crap about it but all in good fun. Other things I might say I disagree with and why. Yet others I just won’t comment on.
But seriously, there is no reason to be nasty to someone because you don’t like how they write or even what they write. If everyone wrote the same, boy, would life be boring. No one would be surprised when people spend more time watching TV or playing video games rather than reading because who wants to read pretty much the same thing over and over.
I don’t expect anyone to write like me or like what I write. You should be ashamed of yourself if you think that way.
Life is made up of so many different people. All with different opinions, experiences and writing styles. Don’t bash someone for being different… Embrace it, learn from it, deal with it.


6 thoughts on “I write, You write, We all write differently

  1. I am glad you feel that way… about everything except the Patriots. 😉

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