My son and the ‘wild’ ducks

One day my daughter was out with my mother in law. I picked my son up from the bus stop. When we got home he asked to go out and play.
‘Sure.’ I told him.
He took off and I did some housework. A minute after I sat down to rest for a second, my son comes barreling into the house.
‘Mommy, I need the gun.’
‘Um… Why?’ I ask with no intention of giving it to him.
‘There are wild ducks across the brook!’
‘Okay… Let’s go check this out.’ I said, curious because ducks don’t land in the brook.
We quietly walk over and he points out the ‘wild’ ducks. My mother in laws kacki Campbells.
‘Those aren’t wild ducks, bub.’
‘They aren’t!?’
‘Nope. They are Grammie’s. Go get daddy. Tell him Grammie’s ducks got loose and we need help.’
He goes tearing up to wear his dad was yelling ‘Emergency! It’s a Daddy emergency…. Grammie’s ducks are loose!’
His dad came and the three of us herded the ducks back across the partially frozen brook.
We fixed the fence where they got out when my mother in law got home.
I’m glad my son saw the ducks though I wonder what on earth he was thinking when he came running to get me.


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