What am I missing here….

I like and enjoy helping out my friends and family. If I can do it I certainly will to make life easier for them.
When I go somewhere I check to see if anyone needs me to pick up or do something for them while I’m there.
But when I’m down and out and need the help… No one is there to help me. If they are going out no one thinks to check and see if I need something, if there is something that they can do for me…
It makes me wonder what I’ve done….
What am I missing here? Because I’m beginning to think that whole pay it forward and things like that are a joke. Neighbors don’t help neighborhood. Family doesn’t help family. Friends don’t help friends.  Everyone is only out for themselves.
I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. Maybe I should stop helping others….. Yeah, I can’t do that…. Sorry… It’s like encoded in my personality….
But really I don’t get it…. Why do people do that? There are way too many self-centered people in the world today and it saddens me. Check on your neighbors, help your friends and family… It really isn’t that difficult…. If you do it long enough it will become a habit and not a bad one… There isn’t enough good in the world… Really should be. So take the time to try and look out for those less fortunate than you… And even if they don’t appear to be less fortunate… Check anyway to see if they need help… You never know when the effort will be worth it and trust me… It will be highly appreciated.


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