Boo and the Ducks

I know I’ve mentioned about my ducks before. Well since the first cold snap I lost Daisy I decided to bring my remaining ducks into a room in the house. I already had chicks I hatched out in October in there so what’s a couple more birds. It’s been going well. I’m down to just Sparky and Donald. Sparky surprised me right before Christmas by starting to lay eggs. Lol.
On to the main reason for this story.
I am cat sitting a gorgeous cat named Boo. image

Isn’t he handsome? My friends who own him have a few unfixed female cats so he came to stay with me so there won’t be any accidents.
He does the strangest thing though and it makes me laugh.
Periodically I hear him meowing by the bird room… Then I’ll hear the ducks quacking back.
I yell… “Boo stop talking to the ducks!”  and all goes quiet. He comes back to the room I’m in. I have no clue what they keep discussing. Lol. But apparently they have some good conversations because they keep doing it! Lol. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boo and the Ducks

  1. LFFL says:

    The kittie is so adorable!

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