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Well, I hope this link works lol this is a link to my friends Facebook page about her daughter Shannon, who I’ve mentioned in previous posts. Please go LIKE the page and show your support for them.



I have numerous  Christian friends. I even on occasion attend Christian churches and read the Bible (I do that more than I attend church).
One friend on Facebook has a picture that says:
I am a Christian.
You can ridicule me.
You can torture me.
You can kill me.
But you cannot change my mind.

That’s great…. Yet I see him ridicule nonbelievers and push at them to change their minds.
I hate that.
I grew up in a Christian school and church lifestyle where everyone had to believe exactly the same. There was one road and they were the ones who were on it. But if someone questioned their beliefs no reasonable reason for why they believed that were forthcoming.
I have a belief. I don’t have a religion. In fact I shy away from being called Christian. I believe God is bigger than one religion. I believe that there are many paths to reach Him… Especially when everyone has their own path.
I have seen too many hypocritical Christians. I have seen a few good Christians.
Follow your own beliefs. Read the ‘holy books’. Learn from a vast majority of religions and find your own path. No one else can walk it but you.
And those are my thoughts on that.

Help 4 Shannon! Part 2

In the last eight days $1050 was raised to help Shannon. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped.


A few days ago I brought Baby (the kitten in the picture) down to meet Shannon. I didn’t know if she’d be there but I took the chance. Oh did it pay off. The smile and look of Awe on her adorable face was so worth my effort. I know she (like her mom) has a soft spot for animals. I’m glad I was able to make her day. I know she has some rough ones.
So, if this is your first time reading about my young friend Shannon. She has Pots Syndrome. It’s a form of dysautonomia. If you are able to help her and her mom out by making a donation… Great and thank you. If you are unable to monetarily help but want to feel free to keep her in your prayers.
Thank you for reading.

The Missing Ski Pass

I got told earlier, by my mother-in-law, that my son’s ski pass is missing and without it he can’t do his free ski day.
I don’t have it. Before I was informed that the last ski day happened I was concerned because it wasn’t on my son’s snowsuit. I inquired into it and found out that ski lessons were over and my sister-in-law (who I no longer associate with) was holding onto it.
The whole thing slipped my mind til it was brought up tonight. I can see how this is going to go…. More freaken family drama. I’m going to be blamed for losing it and told how I’m making my kids miss out, because I’m selfish….
Yeah, okay.
I would love to make the kind of money where I can buy/give my kids everything. However, I don’t so sticking to what is needed is more important. Now every so often I do something foolish like (gasp)  buy junk food for myself or splurge on a new movie. So what?
My kids aren’t missing out on having me in their life. So I can’t send them to ski lessons, more time with me. They are growing up so fast I’m going to miss out on them.
I still don’t know where the ski pass is. I didn’t lose it.

Help 4 Shannon!

My friend Rosemarie is Shannon’s mother. Shannon was diagnosed with Pots Syndrome which I have learned is a form of dysautonomia. (for those who don’t know, what little I understand of it, a person who deals with this is that in the standing position their blood pressure drops, which is not a good thing- anyone more knowledgeable than I feel free to correct me I would hate to give out misinformation)
Anyway due to the costs of dealing with the disease I have learned my dear friends are struggling and could end up losing their home.
If you are able and willing to help out and make a donation I’ve posted the link below. If you are unable to help financial prayers and good thoughts are greatly welcome.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Redneck Crazy

Have you ever heard the title of a song, thought it might be good, then listened to it and it was awful? That’s what I thought of Tyler Fart’s Redneck Crazy.
The idea of the song… Being driven crazy by an ex who left for someone else…. Is great. However the lyrics need work and the music itself needs a major overhaul…. In my opinion.
I was seriously disappointed. But inspired to try and make a better version or hope like hell someone else does eventually.

Farming- What People Think But Don’t Know

I just read The Peterson Farm Bros Blog by Greg Peterson. It is very well written and if you knew me I’d say the exact same things he did though my discussion would be on dairy cows while he discusses the beef industry.
I may not be a dairy farmer at the moment but in my heart I’m a dairy farmer. Overall I’m a farmer. There are way too many people who have no idea of the farming lifestyle. I love how the boys from the Peterson Farm make an effort to inform the public about farming. More farmers should be like them.
Farming isn’t easy but farmers care about the land and they care about their animals.
Go read Greg’s blog and learn some things about farming that you may not know from someone who knows because they are a farmer.