Too Many People Think They Know But Don’t

I know I haven’t written in a while. I have been ridiculously busy cleaning my house. You see, while I was working a full time job, taking care of my kids and animals, and going to college, the house just got out of hand. Since I’m currently unemployed and taking a sabbatical from school, I’m using the time to take care of things I should have.
It’s been a long process but I’m pleased to say the house is looking great! I’ve still got some work to do plus keeping up with what I’ve already done but I’m proud of my accomplishments.
Now one day, I had a friend assist me with something I needed to do. They then helped me carry some stuff into my house. At the time the house was a bit torn up but nothing bad because I knew it’d be back to the new normal in a couple hours. The next thing I know my spouse is banging on my door (we don’t live together which is a whole nother story) and telling me that the friend talked to his sister (who I have issues with) and saying that they were going to call the state but his sister talked them out of it. He also said that the kids (who were visiting her until the next day) were now not coming home til the house was cleaned.
I was stunned. I was hurt. I’d already put the house back in order but started frantically working on the other parts I hadn’t gotten to yet. I had to get my kids back. I knew it wouldn’t be long because I had already been working on it.
The next day two of my other sister-in-laws came to help me clean. They did a lot and the house looks great. They showed me tricks about house cleaning I never knew…. Like using a mix of vinegar, dish soap, and lemon juice to clean (it is fantastic, and your house smells like vinegar) Now I’m not really a fan of the vinegar smell but it doesn’t last long.
Now I hear other things could be going on where the state might be called on me anyway. All I have to say to that is ‘Bring it on! I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. I will not lose my kids.’
What upset me the most was if the ‘friend’ had come to me with their concerns I would have listened. I would have explained that I was cleaning before I left and hadn’t finished yet. Any other concerns I still would listen and make an effort to address. I once had a home I was not proud of and my goal, my resolution this year is to change that. I’m not a great housekeeper but I’m learning. Sure I’d much rather be out in the barn than cleaning my house, but the home should be a warm and friendly place. I’m ashamed I didn’t have that until recently. I’m also upset that people who think they know what they are seeing don’t and they don’t handle the situation correctly. I know that there are people out there who live in squalor. They aren’t even making the effort to change it. There is a major difference from someone like that and someone who sees it and makes the effort to change. The changes don’t happen all at once. They are small but noticeable changes. If you don’t make the effort to see and you don’t make the effort to try and get the person to change you end up doing way too much to get the change to happen and in so doing can cause irreparable damage to the lives of the people you intend to help. So when you see someone in a bad situation… Talk to them first. You might find out what you saw isn’t how it is.


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