There is so much potential in the world for such good, such beauty. I wonder how people can just look at the bad stuff and just give up on it. I see old run down houses and in my mind can picture it looking all spruced up with a family living in it. I see weed overrun piece of land and picture it landscaped, or with a garden or orchard on it.
I think too many people look at these places and say, ‘oh that’s just a slum. It’s worthless. An eye sore. Someone should fix it or tear it down.’ Well that someone could be you. And if you are working on it to improve it would/should you give up because someone says you should. ‘Go somewhere else because it would be better.’ But I know with some hard work (and I’m putting a lot of work in, plus I have put some hard work in it) it will be great. I’m not giving up. I will make my place the most beautiful place ever.


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