The Missing Ski Pass

I got told earlier, by my mother-in-law, that my son’s ski pass is missing and without it he can’t do his free ski day.
I don’t have it. Before I was informed that the last ski day happened I was concerned because it wasn’t on my son’s snowsuit. I inquired into it and found out that ski lessons were over and my sister-in-law (who I no longer associate with) was holding onto it.
The whole thing slipped my mind til it was brought up tonight. I can see how this is going to go…. More freaken family drama. I’m going to be blamed for losing it and told how I’m making my kids miss out, because I’m selfish….
Yeah, okay.
I would love to make the kind of money where I can buy/give my kids everything. However, I don’t so sticking to what is needed is more important. Now every so often I do something foolish like (gasp)  buy junk food for myself or splurge on a new movie. So what?
My kids aren’t missing out on having me in their life. So I can’t send them to ski lessons, more time with me. They are growing up so fast I’m going to miss out on them.
I still don’t know where the ski pass is. I didn’t lose it.


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