I have numerous  Christian friends. I even on occasion attend Christian churches and read the Bible (I do that more than I attend church).
One friend on Facebook has a picture that says:
I am a Christian.
You can ridicule me.
You can torture me.
You can kill me.
But you cannot change my mind.

That’s great…. Yet I see him ridicule nonbelievers and push at them to change their minds.
I hate that.
I grew up in a Christian school and church lifestyle where everyone had to believe exactly the same. There was one road and they were the ones who were on it. But if someone questioned their beliefs no reasonable reason for why they believed that were forthcoming.
I have a belief. I don’t have a religion. In fact I shy away from being called Christian. I believe God is bigger than one religion. I believe that there are many paths to reach Him… Especially when everyone has their own path.
I have seen too many hypocritical Christians. I have seen a few good Christians.
Follow your own beliefs. Read the ‘holy books’. Learn from a vast majority of religions and find your own path. No one else can walk it but you.
And those are my thoughts on that.


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