“I Never Wanted To Be A Wife” from Dairy Carrie

“I Never Wanted To Be A Wife” from Dairy Carrie

I read Dairy Carrie’s blog post “I Never Wanted To Be A Wife” I thought about it and was like…huh. While I wanted to be a wife….I always wanted to be a farmer as well. However, I would NEVER term myself a farm wife. That isn’t an issue anyway as my husband is not a farmer. When asked what I do I am a farmer. More specifically a dairy farmer with no cows lol. I can not put here what Dairy Carrie wrote…She, in my opinion, wrote it perfectly. Just because we are women, doesn’t mean our work is less or more than a man’s. In farm life we are equals. Everyone shares the load of getting all the chores done…Well, if you are in that situation…I do all my work myself and therefore I deserve all the credit…On some days the kids deign help out but usually its just me. 🙂  



I HATE CLEANING! Like I really hate it. I can come up with all kinds of excuses not to clean. I’m tired, I’m sick, I have to work, it’s not so bad I’ll do it tomorrow, I have to spend time with the kids,….. Etc.
Since losing my job I found I have too much time on my hands. I started to clean (my house had gotten WAY outta control). I cleaned one bit of my house a day. Sure, I’d take days off, but I actually would continue the next day. I started to be proud of my house instead of disgusted.
Now it’s spring. I still work inside but now I’m doing more in the yard. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I still hate cleaning.
I find the hardest time is when I’m almost done. That’s the time I’m tired, I’m hungry, but instead of quitting I finish.
(I have to get back to my yard now 😉 I’m almost done but I had this thought in my head to write this lol)

I just Don’t get It!

I write a post and magically gain another follower….. I’m always flabbergasted… Where do you people come from? This is not a complaint…. This is confusion. But just because sometimes I’m a nice person…. Thank you for finding something in my writing to follow.

Blogging, Plagiarizing, and Bullying

I read a few people’s blogs… Some are my friends and some are just random people I find interesting.
I realize when they get plagiarized and how angry they are about it…. I don’t blame them. If I found out someone plagiarized my stuff I’d be pretty mad myself, and I’d write about it calling that person out.
Is that bullying, as I’ve seen at least one of the aforementioned bloggers called? NO! Bullying is making someone feel bad and worthless…… Not calling someone out for being an idiot and stealing what doesn’t belong to them.
Another thing about something I read tonight. I have (at the moment)  78 followers. Do I check or even care how often they read my stuff? Nope. Sorry. I write for the enjoyment of writing. I write to express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. If no one reads what I write well…. Their loss. 🙂 I am not going to stop writing /blogging because no one reads it. How ridiculous.
If you’ve read this…. Good for you and good day…. I’m out.

Identifying myself

When a part of your identity is wrapped up in what you do for a living and you lose it, it leaves you with a huge sense of loss and a bit of an identity crisis.
Who am I now?
Well you are still you. May take you a while to realize it. Just because you aren’t doing what you love doesn’t take away the part of you that is that.
I’m a dairy farmer with no cows. A dairy farmer is part of who I am. And while I miss the farm life involving the cows it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a farmer. I may end up with a job in the city. So what? Deep in my heart I’m a dairy farmer…. And one day I will be again!

Help 4 Shannon! Part 3

I wanted to give those who are following this story an update. My friend’s vehicle died the other day leaving her unable to take Shannon to her doctors appointments. The money raised so far is going to buy a new safe vehicle so Shannon can get to her doctors appointments. Thanks to everyone who have donated and sent out prayers for my friends. If this is the first time you are reading about my friend Shannon, she’s a young girl dealing with Pots Syndrome a disease that makes her blood pressure drop when she stands up.
Please keep donating (if you can) and sending out those prayers to help my dear friends.