Blogging, Plagiarizing, and Bullying

I read a few people’s blogs… Some are my friends and some are just random people I find interesting.
I realize when they get plagiarized and how angry they are about it…. I don’t blame them. If I found out someone plagiarized my stuff I’d be pretty mad myself, and I’d write about it calling that person out.
Is that bullying, as I’ve seen at least one of the aforementioned bloggers called? NO! Bullying is making someone feel bad and worthless…… Not calling someone out for being an idiot and stealing what doesn’t belong to them.
Another thing about something I read tonight. I have (at the moment)  78 followers. Do I check or even care how often they read my stuff? Nope. Sorry. I write for the enjoyment of writing. I write to express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. If no one reads what I write well…. Their loss. 🙂 I am not going to stop writing /blogging because no one reads it. How ridiculous.
If you’ve read this…. Good for you and good day…. I’m out.


2 thoughts on “Blogging, Plagiarizing, and Bullying

  1. Sounds like you are smarter than some bloggers I know. 🙂

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