Hoping for……COWS!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to be “Cow Crazy” with no cows around? Sure, I get to see pictures of cows that people send me various ways, knowing how much I like cows. Still….I miss being around them on a daily basis.

Yesterday, I put in an application at a local dairy farm I “herd” was looking for a part-time milker. I am hoping….so much…that I get it. I dream of being surrounded by beautiful bovines again.

I also made the decision to work at getting into an animal science program. While I like to grow things it is more of a hobby than a calling…and yes I do realize I need to grow things for my cows (whenever I get any of my own) but that is completely different, in my mind. That is part of my calling, of which, growing vegetables and fruits for my own consumption just is not. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat, but veggies are a lot of work. lol.


It Isn’t A Lot, But It Is

I decided to make a commitment to taking just ten, TEN (10) minutes out of my day and dedicate it to my writing. I am not doing well. LOL. There are way too many things to do in my day. Job hunting, cleaning, cooking, taking care of all my children’s little problems and fights, watering the plants, feeding and watering the animals, fetching water, etc, etc. Why is this so difficult?

Maybe I am not cut out to be just a writer….no maybe, I KNOW I am not JUST a writer. I am mother, farmer, student, sometimes teacher, and honestly, MOTHER and FARMER come long before writer on the list of who I am.

I have however spent at least a minute a day on my writing, which is actually more than I used to put in so maybe I am improving.  I just know that I will not make a career out of being an author.

I spend more time making little posts on Facebook which I actually use to gauge how I do at getting my expressions, feelings, and thoughts across. Texting and Facebook and the like do not express very well the way, the sound, behind the words, which in turn can cause much distress at times.

Today, in a private message on Facebook I shared something with my (estranged) husband. He took what I said (as quite honestly he does a lot and it annoys the crap out of me) and got a completely different meaning from what I wrote than what I meant. I ended up feeling insulted and thinking that he thought me completely unable to do what I had already done…I was only showing him something that was similar but not the same….He took it upon himself to show me how to do what I had already done. My instinct was to retaliate but I (amazingly) held my tongue. I eventually explained sufficiently how I felt and what I meant…and shocker….he apologized and said he “misunderstood”. Understatement, but I got an apology.

Anyway, practice writing a little bit each day so you are able to express yourself sufficiently to not go through the ordeal I did today.

Good luck.


Hope and Disappointment

Today was the day.
The day I’d hear I got a job.
I was so excited.
The phone rings and I run excitedly to answer it.
It wasn’t them this time.
The hope and excitement is still there.
Again the phone rings.
Again the run to answer.
It’s them!
But it’s not me they want.
They chose someone else.
I didn’t have enough experience.
But I know the job.
I know I can do it.
They’ll keep me in mind for the next time.
The disappointment comes crashing down.
I just need a job.
I just need to work.
When am I going to get one?

Don’t think, just write!

I find I tend to write more like I would speak to someone else. Like verbally telling a story. I find for me anyway that is the easiest way for me to write. And so unlike the suggestions written in Cristian Mihai’s post I think about what I write but only because I think before I speak. I think that there is a good point made here though. Don’t think TOO much about what you are writing because then you will over-think it and make it bad, like when you over-think a decision and end up making the wrong one because you over-thought.

13 Is Still An Unlucky Number

I didn’t remark on the first two races as I only got to watch the re runs of the races as I was busy when the race happened. I did make it a point to watch the Belmont today as I had hoped to see California Chrome win the first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 78 (This would be the first Triple Crown in my lifetime.) and he was the 13th horse since to attempt the Triple Crown. Unfortunately he did not win.  I am sad about this. It was a good race though.

California Chrome stumbled a bit coming out of the gate. Not a good start to a race. But he held it in fourth place through most of the race. Towards the end the jockey, Victor Espinoza, tried to run California Chrome around the horses that were blocking him. I feel that this tactic was not wise but I am not a jockey. California Chrome ended up finishing in fourth place. Tonalist edged out Commissioner by a whisker winning the race.

I heard about the comments by the owner, Steve Coburn. I understand how he feels but that isn’t the way the races are run. It would be nice if the horses who run in the Kentucky Derby are the ones who run in the Preakness and the Belmont. Realistically I don’t see this happening. Horses get injured in the first two races leaving them unable to run in the other races which could give the Derby winner an easier chance at winning. The people in charge of the races needs to be able to have a reasonable number of horses to run in the race or it’s just not as exciting for those in the stands.

I would enjoy to see a match race at a mile and a half between Tonalist and California Chrome…but it wont’t happen. What would it really prove anyway? California Chrome didn’t have the mile and a half in him today…maybe the day of the match race (should it happen) he would or maybe it would be a repeat of today’s Belmont. Who is to know?

I am still a race fan. I always will be. I will always hope that in my lifetime I will see a Triple Crown winner. We will just have to wait until next year to see what happens then.


Interview and then…another Interview

Yesterday I had an interview for a cashiering job at a local convenience gas station. I panicked early in the morning over what shirt to wear. I know the company has a uniform so that wouldn’t be an issue once I got the job. 🙂 I got a ride into town with my bike that I intended on using to ride around town do some errands and bike home. The interview went well. I have to wait until Monday to hear if I got it and I sincerely hope I do. After riding around town doing my errands, meeting up with a friend, I headed home. Got about a mile or so up the road toward home when I took a break. The backpack got heavy with the stuff I got on my errands. While resting by the duck pond, I got an email. Another job I had been emailing replied wondering when I would be available for an interview. So as I was available then I headed back into town to meet up with the guy. If I don’t get the first job I hope I get this one, though I’ll be honest I am not as interested in this one as I am the first. I can do it I just don’t really want to. I would much rather have a job I know I would enjoy and be happy in rather than one I can do but wouldn’t like. Oh well the important thing is getting a job.  

SEX!!!! (and censorship…shhh)

I wanted to share this blog post with you all because I was just impressed with how she talked about what is considered a “taboo” subject and she does it in poetry form which just amazes me.


I had another post in mind for today but I read two posts of a blogger I’ve only recently come to follow. She had some struggles today with a very honest post dealing with oral sex. It was not in the least offensive. But she had her doubts. Her second post reflected these. She removed her first post then reinstated it when her confidence took an upturn.

I think it’s a shame that we are so filled with doubts on what is acceptable here in blogland. None of us is sure when we hit that button to publish just how what we post will be received. I know I have had many doubts. Not only about posts shared but also about comments made. (I’m a bit of a mouth at times. Sorry, but true.) It’s a gamble. No doubt of it.

It does help though if we know that there…

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