Interview and then…another Interview

Yesterday I had an interview for a cashiering job at a local convenience gas station. I panicked early in the morning over what shirt to wear. I know the company has a uniform so that wouldn’t be an issue once I got the job. 🙂 I got a ride into town with my bike that I intended on using to ride around town do some errands and bike home. The interview went well. I have to wait until Monday to hear if I got it and I sincerely hope I do. After riding around town doing my errands, meeting up with a friend, I headed home. Got about a mile or so up the road toward home when I took a break. The backpack got heavy with the stuff I got on my errands. While resting by the duck pond, I got an email. Another job I had been emailing replied wondering when I would be available for an interview. So as I was available then I headed back into town to meet up with the guy. If I don’t get the first job I hope I get this one, though I’ll be honest I am not as interested in this one as I am the first. I can do it I just don’t really want to. I would much rather have a job I know I would enjoy and be happy in rather than one I can do but wouldn’t like. Oh well the important thing is getting a job.  


4 thoughts on “Interview and then…another Interview

  1. Like buses. Wait for ages….Good luck. I hope you get the one you want or one that’s even better but still to arrive.x

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