13 Is Still An Unlucky Number

I didn’t remark on the first two races as I only got to watch the re runs of the races as I was busy when the race happened. I did make it a point to watch the Belmont today as I had hoped to see California Chrome win the first Triple Crown since Affirmed in 78 (This would be the first Triple Crown in my lifetime.) and he was the 13th horse since to attempt the Triple Crown. Unfortunately he did not win.  I am sad about this. It was a good race though.

California Chrome stumbled a bit coming out of the gate. Not a good start to a race. But he held it in fourth place through most of the race. Towards the end the jockey, Victor Espinoza, tried to run California Chrome around the horses that were blocking him. I feel that this tactic was not wise but I am not a jockey. California Chrome ended up finishing in fourth place. Tonalist edged out Commissioner by a whisker winning the race.

I heard about the comments by the owner, Steve Coburn. I understand how he feels but that isn’t the way the races are run. It would be nice if the horses who run in the Kentucky Derby are the ones who run in the Preakness and the Belmont. Realistically I don’t see this happening. Horses get injured in the first two races leaving them unable to run in the other races which could give the Derby winner an easier chance at winning. The people in charge of the races needs to be able to have a reasonable number of horses to run in the race or it’s just not as exciting for those in the stands.

I would enjoy to see a match race at a mile and a half between Tonalist and California Chrome…but it wont’t happen. What would it really prove anyway? California Chrome didn’t have the mile and a half in him today…maybe the day of the match race (should it happen) he would or maybe it would be a repeat of today’s Belmont. Who is to know?

I am still a race fan. I always will be. I will always hope that in my lifetime I will see a Triple Crown winner. We will just have to wait until next year to see what happens then.



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