It Isn’t A Lot, But It Is

I decided to make a commitment to taking just ten, TEN (10) minutes out of my day and dedicate it to my writing. I am not doing well. LOL. There are way too many things to do in my day. Job hunting, cleaning, cooking, taking care of all my children’s little problems and fights, watering the plants, feeding and watering the animals, fetching water, etc, etc. Why is this so difficult?

Maybe I am not cut out to be just a writer….no maybe, I KNOW I am not JUST a writer. I am mother, farmer, student, sometimes teacher, and honestly, MOTHER and FARMER come long before writer on the list of who I am.

I have however spent at least a minute a day on my writing, which is actually more than I used to put in so maybe I am improving.  I just know that I will not make a career out of being an author.

I spend more time making little posts on Facebook which I actually use to gauge how I do at getting my expressions, feelings, and thoughts across. Texting and Facebook and the like do not express very well the way, the sound, behind the words, which in turn can cause much distress at times.

Today, in a private message on Facebook I shared something with my (estranged) husband. He took what I said (as quite honestly he does a lot and it annoys the crap out of me) and got a completely different meaning from what I wrote than what I meant. I ended up feeling insulted and thinking that he thought me completely unable to do what I had already done…I was only showing him something that was similar but not the same….He took it upon himself to show me how to do what I had already done. My instinct was to retaliate but I (amazingly) held my tongue. I eventually explained sufficiently how I felt and what I meant…and shocker….he apologized and said he “misunderstood”. Understatement, but I got an apology.

Anyway, practice writing a little bit each day so you are able to express yourself sufficiently to not go through the ordeal I did today.

Good luck.



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