I recently read this article where a woman in Texas came across what she thought was a puppy. The puppy turned out to be a young coyote which was then euthanized because it was supposedly showing signs of rabies.

I am not a vet. I have not ever dealt with a rabid animal. However, I still remember late one night on my into work I came across a car stopped in the middle of the road. Upon driving closer I saw an injured fox on the side of the road. I stopped my vehicle behind the injured animal to keep it safe until help arrived. The female driver of the car pulled a U-turn, stopped her vehicle on the opposite side of the road, and then proceeded to leave her vehicle and walk across the road to talk to me about hitting the fox! Seriously!? I am trying to keep the animal safe now I have to deal with some freaking flippy woman and keep her safe since she’s being an idiot. I tell her repeatedly to get back in her vehicle. Finally she goes and gets in the car. I knew an officer was on the way as both me and the woman had called dispatch. I’m getting a little annoyed as I am late for work and yet another “idiot” has stopped, gotten out of the vehicle, and is walking across the road. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with these idiots. Well, the second “idiot” turned out to be a fireman who said he would keep the fox safe while I continued on my way into work. I figure everything is going to be fine…they will call fish and game who will take the injured fox to a wildlife rehabilitator. Can you imagine my shock and dismay to find the fox dead on the side of the road!? I called the station to yell at the officer (yes, I was really going to yell at a cop. I was pissed.) but he was no longer on duty so I voiced my complaint to the dispatcher who tells me that there policy is to put down” any injured wild animal due to the POSSIBILITY of rabies. I feel the wildlife rehabilitator could have treated it and quarantined it til signs proved rabies and then put it down. If signs weren’t shown then give it a rabies shot, finish rehabilitating and release. I highly dislike this constant putting of wild animals down based on a possibility of contamination.