I Don’t Ever Want to Go Through That Again

I am woken about 12:30 in the morning by this sound. Being a deep sleeper this is a very unusual event and I am petrified. I jump out of bed and race to check on my children thinking that sound must have come from the roof collapsing. (I have no logical reason for this fear. I live in a mobile home and my in-laws lived in a trailer where the roof collapsed but my house is sturdy.)
Everything appears to be okay and I am relieved that my children are fine. (In fact my son slept through the crash much to the annoyance of my daughter who also was woken by the crash)
I decide to check outside to see what the noise could have been. I never left the house. Right outside via flashlight I can see the tree. It goes along my yard and right next to the house. (right outside my son’s room to be exact).
Now I’m shaking. Omg my son could have been killed. I called my husband knowing that he’d just gotten out of work. He’s about 45 minutes away. Then I talked with my aunt for a bit and cried… That woke my son up (go figure).
When my husband arrived we looked over the tree. It’s a good thing I didn’t investigate more on my own because the tree actually hit the house right over my son’s room.
I’m very grateful that this situation didn’t turn out worse but I’d rather not go through it again.


Keene residents concerned about future of pumpkin festival | Local News – Home


I don’t care whether they send the college kids home the weekend of pumpkin fest or have the parents come to keep an eye on them (yeah, yeah don’t give me that ‘I’m an adult’ crap… Obviously, as the world has seen you are not able to act like an adult) but Pumpkin Fest should go on. 25th anniversary next year should be best ever! And not because some punk-ass kids throw a riot.

KSC Riot vs Pumpkin Fest

I had so many concerned friends and family messaging me tonight because they were hearing about the riots at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Since the news can’t report properly let me update you.
THERE WERE NO RIOTS AT THE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL! The riots were soley over near the Keene State College.
How do I know this? I was at the Pumpkin Festival. I saw no rioting the whole time I was there wandering around. Everyone there was looking at pumpkins, eating great food, drinking some good drinks (and I’m not referring to the alcoholic kind though I assume some people did but most were limited in their drinking if they did imbibe), and spending time with friends and family and neighbors.
It’s too bad that the goodness and recognition Keene gets from the Pumpkin Festival is overshadowed by the poor judgement of the KSC kids. Sure drink, party, have fun but don’t hurt people and property doing so.
The theme for this year’s festival was a tribute to Robin Williams. Well, all you kids rioting…. I’m not laughing and neither is the rest of Keene.

Things That Writers Do That Annoys the Hell Out of Me

Okay so you are a writer and you get published whether in a book, a newspaper, or a magazine, or even on a blog. That is GREAT! GOOD FOR YOU!
Okay, now there is a thing called EDITING. Do you know what that is? That is re-reading your work and making certain that everything is spelled CORRECTLY. Nothing annoys me more than to read a book or newspaper or magazine and find spelling errors. (Notice I left out blog… Somehow that doesn’t annoy me nearly as much as seeing it in print. Why? Probably because they have this person called an EDITOR whose sole purpose is to check for these kinds of mistakes. I’m beginning to think someone needs to up the requirements for editing jobs.)
The other editing thing that needs to be done is grammar checking. (Bloggers I’m including you in this one.) If you go through and check for spelling you might actually notice the grammar issues by using a word spelled correctly but is the wrong word for that sentence. Gosh, does that bug me. Like ‘Hello! That doesn’t make sense!’ Writers rely heavily on typing these days… But computers and laptops or phones can only do so much of the work. If you are a professional or trying to be a professional shouldn’t you write professionally? I.E. Making sure you edit for spelling and grammar?
I know I’m not perfect and nobody is but let me tell you… I know I’m a better writer because these mistakes annoy me so I make an effort not to make the same mistakes. I might but I know that (hopefully) if I read over what I write a few times I will (hopefully) catch all those mistakes I made. If I don’t… Well point it out to me. I’ll happily fix it and remember for next time I write something similar.

A War Outside My Car

Driving home today was frightening. All was well until I turned onto my road out in the woods.
I’m being pelted on all sides. I think two factions of squirrels (one on each side of the road) was having a fight…. Acorns flying everywhere!
It was definately a very hazardous situation but I survived and thankfully my newly fixed car survived as well. I hope they have solved their differences before I have to go back out again.

Being A Mom

I read this blog post about SAHM’s (for those not up on the lingo Stay At Home Mom).
I have been both a SAHM and a WM (Working Mom). I know I prefer to be a WM. Both are hard… But I love my life difficult though it may be.
I live a bit of an old-fashioned life. I don’t have running water… I get my water from a spring down the road by filling up water jugs. To shower, I heat up water on the stove and stand in a plastic tote or go to a friend or family members home.
I also don’t have a septic system. Instead I have a composting toilet. Keeping it clean isn’t easy but I get compost out of it. (sounds a little gross… Trust me.. I wasn’t comfortable with it at first either and I still refuse to use the compost in my vegetables garden… For the flowers only… I don’t eat those)
To water the garden and my animals I either pray for rain or fill up five gallon buckets from the brook a little walk away.
Plus I have the usual cooking and cleaning chores. Dishes… Heat up water on stove… Wash in small plastic tote. Laundry… If I’m feeling adventurous (or broke) I’ll wash by hand in a tote otherwise I thank whoever invented the laundromat and go there.
Even with all that I find too much time on my hands being a SAHM. I took up knitting and read voraciously. Still… I get bored. So I like going out and working… It helps pay the bills as well.
I can’t understand why people say that either SAHM or WM’s have it harder. Being a MOM no matter what you do in life is hard. There’s no test, no manual, no class anywhere to teach you. Just do your best and be happy wherever it takes you.

The Traveling Condom

It all started one day when my teenaged step-daughter found a Cola flavored condom.


She then gave this condom to my husband as a joke as he drinks a lot of  coke.
He then left it in a car that broke and I then found while cleaning out the car when we were selling it.
I kept it but apparently dropped it in a box of movies I gave to my niece. Oops… Lol!
I wonder where it will turn up next! Lol.